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Product type
Surface Treatment
  • 4 Pcs / 1 Set, Vacuum Bag
  • Assort with standard RCA.
  • Single point conduction.
  • Low mass conductor.
  • High-purity copper(over 99%) made.


Screws with the finished products.
(4/6mm 4 screws per each.)


The STARS can be assort and unilateral replace with other standard RCA plug and jack.

By reducing the size of the conductor and path, to reduce Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance reaction when signal transmit .

Non-coaxial conduction are able to use single point conduction while plug connect to jack

The Plug is made with Nylon composite material which provide sufficient flexibility and clamping force to connect tightly with Jack.

The Jack is made with insulation material which isolated from the metal plate and reducing the impact from external factors.

The conductor is made from high- purity copper (Tellurium Copper) with gold plating (10u").

By using highest quality of design techniques and material to provide customer who has "High End" requirement.

Mechanical structure

The contact pin is formed on the body by plastic injection.
The STAR modeling use the characteristics of Nylon composite material.
which provide enough flexibly to connect with jack tightly.

Grounding use Latch to be assembled tightly with body.
The Non-coaxial design makes the signal reaches
by "Single Point Contact" while plug connect to jack.

After well soldering the wires on positive and negative part,
the shell locked with body by screwing and to fix the cable with shell stable by a screw.



Contact Pin: Tellurium Copper(C14500 / copper contains over 99%)
Grounding: Copper (C1100 / copper contains over 99.5%)
Body: Glass fiber reinforced nylon (Red / White)
Shell: Brass alloy (C3604)
Sleeve: POM
Screw: Iron

Contact Pin: Rhodium plating (no nickel base)
Grounding: Rhodium plating (no nickel base)

Body: None
Shell: Logo lathing / Hairline surface treatment / Satin nickel plating
Sleeve: none
Sleeve: none
Screw: Nickel plating

Electrical Characteristics:
Contact resistance < 0.3 mOhm (It was test by ARJ-4043.)

Biggest OD 13.7mm
Cable hole
Sleeve is contained in finished product 8.5mm.
Sleeve is not contained in finished product 10.5mm.
Total Length 46.4mm.

Recommend soldering temperature

Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 380°C within 5~8 second.
Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 360°C within 9~13 second.
Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 340°C within 13~18 second.
Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 320°C within 19~25 second.

Product production process comply with RoHS.

This product obtains R.O.C. Patent No. M463447.

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