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Product type
Surface Treatment
  • 4 Pcs / 1 Set, Vacuum Bag
  • Lathed in one piece.
  • Used by high-purity copper without nickel plated.
  • It will be used for solder type or screw type.
  • Plastic material between shell and body for insulator.
  • This product is only suitable for 4.0mm binding post.(Not for 4.1mm)


This product is only suitable for 4.0mm binding post.(Not for 4.1mm)

Please insert with clockwise while put the banana plug in the binding post first time.
The interface will adjust the shape due to binding post size and cause it into a perfect size.

This product is include:
screw for conductor (3/4 mm) (4 each)
screw for cable (3/4 mm) (4 each)


The body of plug was lathed in one piece to avoid the conduction loss when signal through the different structure and interface.

The interface was continued with hollow design to maintain the insertion force and crosscutting part was showed with spiral pattern for trendy design.

Terminal was half crosscutting in L shape and a ring with screw. It will be used to for solder type or screw type to lock tighten the cable.

The shell and body isolated and assemble by insulator materials to complete the isolated function.

The conductor was used by high-purity copper (Tellurium Copper) without nickel plated.

Mechanical structure

The body of plug was lathed in one piece.
It has hollow design to provide enough insertion force.

The body was locked with POM head lock tighten by assemble function.

A ring and a screw were temporary locked so that is able to adjust into solder or keep lock directly based on your need.
POM head lock is tighten with shell together by screw, to insulate between body and shell due to the material feature.


1. We recommend to peel off the cable jacket and appear conductor part about 6mm.

2. This product is suitable for cable OD which is less than 6.3mm. Please remove the sleeve(141) if the cable OD is more than 4.3mm.

3. Please put the cable through the shell(131)

4.1 For solder type: Support the cable conductor diameter under 5.0mm or over AWG5 , please remove the ring [121] and the screws [211 / 212] then solder on the half cross cutting section

4.2 For screw type: Support the cable conductor diameter under 3.5mm or over AWG8, please put the ring [121] on banana body, then put the cable conductor into the ring, and use the screws [211 / 212] tighten the ring and conductor.

5. Please lock the shell on body set [111].

6. Please fix the cable and shell through screw[222 / 221].


Body: Tellurium Copper (C14500 / copper contains over 99%)
Head lock: POM
Ring: Brass alloy (C3604)   
Shell: Brass alloy (C3604)
Screw for conductor: Brass alloy (C3604)
Screw for cable: Iron

Body: Rhodium plating (no nickel base)
Ring: 120u" Silver plating (no nickel base)
Screw for conductor: 120u" Silver plating (no nickel base)

Head lock: None
Shell: Logo lathing / Hairline surface treatment / Satin nickel plating
Screw for cable: Nickel plated.

Electrical Characteristics:
Contact resistance < 0.3 mOhm (It was test by ABI-0601.)

Biggest OD 9.0mm
Cable hole without sleeve 6.5mm
Cable hole with sleeve 4.5mm
Total Length 43.0mm

Recommend soldering temperature

Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 400°C within 8~10 second.
Temperature Soldering Iron, please keep 450°C within 8~10 second.

Please shore up the body by solder equipment to avoid the high temperature caused the POM lock head deformed.

Product production process comply with RoHS.

This product obtains R.O.C. Patent No. M521314.

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